A Critical Study of Finnish Education System in Contrast to Education System in Pakistan: Equity, Quality and Parental Involvement


  • Muhammad Farooq
  • Qazi Waqas Ahmed
  • Dr. Ghani Rehman


Quality education is one of the determining factors in the progress of any nation. The present study discusses the Finish Education system which has been ranked top among all the European countries and across the world in present times. Finland has reached an unimaginable stage in the domain of education as recently it has been declared as the first country in the world to teach students without courses or subjects. The Finish Education system stresses teaching the students events and situations under the approach of 1Phenomena-based learning. The study rings around two important areas; firstly, it analyzes the principles of 2 equity, 3 quality, and 4 parental involvement as major principles behind the success of the Finnish Education System. Secondly, it brings to light the degree or level of the same factors in the education system in Pakistan. The current qualitative is based on Phenomenological Interviewing. By discussing Finnish Education, this paper recommends considerable recommendations particularly factors such as equity, quality, and parental involvement in children’s learning for enhancing quality education.